Cricklade United Church joins Pastorate

I write this immediately after my Induction to Cricklade.
It was a great service with a fabulous sermon and it was lovely to have your support and that of Malmesbury.
The future now looks different, or does it?
Old links can be re-established and new ones forged. We are now a pastorate, a sustainable pastorate which has been an answer to prayer, it has also been a long hard road and I know it has left it’s mark.
Yet tonight, (Friday) was a cause for celebration and it is good to celebrate and God loves a celebration.
And we need more of them, we are all too quick to point out the things that go wrong, or are a negative in our lives, but we need to shout out the good, the positive, the answers to prayer.
This month we will celebrate Harvest, it has been a hard summer for farmers yet this is a time when we give thanks to God for all‎ His creative power and provision in our lives.
So celebrate the good and let the bad fall where it will.
Trust in God and in His plan.
And never forget to give thanks.
Revd Sarah Simpson

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