Message from our Minister

Reconciliation was the theme of this year’s Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, it had plenty within it to encourage thought and debate, so much so that I am still thinking about it!
Reconciliation is one of those words which has many levels of understanding, the idea of reconciliation is even broader, but my thoughts, in the light of the event which took place in the middle of the week in America, turn to internal reconciliation within countries.
How can countries so definitely split come back together, be it over President Trump or Brexit or any other differences, and yet it can be done.
Remember the Truth and Reconciliation committee in South Africa, under the leadership of Desmond Tutu … the work they did, the words spoken in pain and sorrow, the tears and the apologies: remember the split caused by apartheid, so definite but not final, the work was harrowing for all involved but because the desire to be united was stronger than what kept the nation apart, there was success.
What do we need to be reconciled to, in our personal lives or in our communities, or politically? What keeps us from enjoying right relationships?

Whatever keeps us from another also keeps us from God, until we are reconciled to another, our relationship with God will not be all we know it can be.

Think about reconciliation.
Yours in Christ


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