Access to Wood Street on Sunday of Ride of Respect motorbike ride through Wootton Bassett

Martin Alvis, who leads our Neighbourhood Policing Team, gave us this guidance about road access to the Church on Sunday 3rd April.

‘Whilst there is a road closure we will be allowing access between the pulses for local traffic. The people needing access will need to attend early as the pulses are anticipated to be about 30+minutes long. I would suggest waiting, after making their intention known to the police officer at the jct of High St and New Road, somewhere in the new road area.  Access will need to be from the south as no access will be permitted from the north. For the other people parking in borough fields access will again only be from the north. Exit will inevitably be delayed until during the pulses of motorcycles.’

It does look as though it will only be practical to park in Borough Fields for the Church, but there may be long delays turning in and out. Walking to Church or parking on the other side of the High Street may be best.

See this link for general info about the route

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