Sunday School Memoirs from 68 years ago.

My parents Dorothy (nee Chequer) & Harry Townsend were married on the 13th April 1925 in this church which was then known as The Congregational Church, (The Congs). My sister Betty and I were both baptised here in 1926 and 1928 respectively, and both attended Sunday School.
I commenced Sunday School at the young age of three years, and in those days we had Sunday School Anniversaries which were always held on Whit Sundays. At the afternoon service most of the scholars took part either by reciting or singing and the teachers and children rendered musical items from special Anniversary leaflets. The varied programme was quite a long one, there being between thirty and forty children attending the Sunday School.
Miss Hilda Chequer who was my mother’s cousin and who I always addressed as Aunty Hilda was then Church organist, And together with Mr Theophilus Angelinetta (who was the father of Mrs Violet Lewis who in her nineties still attends Church services) and Superintendent and other teachers trained us for many weeks before the big day.
I remember Miss Chequer (Aunty Hilda) teaching me a little four lined hymn “Saviour stay beside me” when I was three in 1931 and when it was my turn to take part on the programme, she stood me on the organ stool so that I should be seen.
These Anniversary services were extremely well attended and extra seating accommodation had to be put down the aisles for these occasions.
Mr Bert Rouse followed Mr Theophilus Angelinetta as Sunday School Superintendent, and afterwards Mr Leslie Angelinetta, and during that time, John Russ, Betty, Bob and I, Ann Lynch (nee Norris) and her sister Joy were teachers and several senior scholars assisted in the Sunday School. We spent many happy years working together with the children.
Sunday School outings to the seaside took place in early August and a “Party & Prize Giving” for regular attendance was held in January.

June Adams, November 1999

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